Sunday, December 16, 2012

Unsubscribe Me

Today I decided I need to unsubscribe from all those emails from retailers. I really don’t need them cluttering up my mailbox, screaming “Buy Me”  “ I am on sell”, if I am trying to economize and reduce my spending. 

This next year is about getting organized, not incurring any new debt and paying off my car. My DH and I should also be paying off one of our rental houses. 

We do have a rather weird plan and instead of paying off the home we live in (in California) we want to have our “retirement” home paid for along with all of our income producing rentals. 

I doubt we will stay in California after retirement and plan on selling the house we currently live in. We really only have my DH’s sister living here in California, everyone else is spread out around the US. My daughters are in Texas and the house we will pay off in 2013 is in Texas within 5 miles of both of their homes!!

Back to unsubscribing for me!! Till next time ... Just for today, do not debt.

1 comment:

  1. This is a great idea and a very valid point. Why tempt myself to spend when I'm trying so hard to save? I'm going to be doing some unsubscribing, too! :-) Thanks.