Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!

Where do we begin? I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year. I have decided to start by posting my New Year Resolutions.

2013 New Year Resolutions:
1.      Track spending for a month.
2.      Create a realistic spending plan each month.
3.      Save $10 a day to pay down car loan.
4.      Buy Starbucks only while on per diem.
5.      Borrow books from library.
6.      Veto new subscription for the year.
7.      Just for today do not debt!

I will post my spending that I am tracking on a weekly basis. I can tell you so far I need to add “Buy Jamba Juice only while on per diem” to the list above. I will be starting a 5 day cleanse on the 7th, so I have found myself taking advantage of Jamba Juice's $2 deal, but I am buying a $3 original size and not the $2 sixteen! This cleanse is costing me $99, so I am putting that under my grocery category! We also spent $200 at the grocery store today. Eating healthy does not seem to be saving us money. To prepare for the cleanse I am suppose to cut out caffeine and alcohol, drink more water and eat more vegetables before I start the cleanse on Monday. Wish me luck!

I was able to update our spending plan for the month of January. Not sure how successful I will be this month saving the $10 a day to pay down my car note. We are already paying $183.82 extra and will have the car paid for by August 2014. Maybe if I can at the least save $4 a day then that will be an additional $120, which will be a total of $300 above the scheduled payment.

I also bought the book Quitter from Dave Ramsey. That set me back $14.95 with shipping, but I was able to download the mp3 file for free. So am I getting two books for that $14.95? I did search the library first before I bought it. That is my weakness, plus I like listening to books while I am working.

I have been successful with resolution number 6 and 7. No new or renewed subscriptions to magazines and no new debt. I thought I might debt on the First of all days, I forgot my jacket when we went skiing so I had to buy a new jacket. Thought I used my only visa card, but when the "charge" went through, I had used my debit card!! Some what of a shock, but I am happy it turned out that way. I did not debt and had some money in savings to pay for it.

I keep my "baby" emergency fund in a separate savings account online with Barclay's Bank earning 1.0% interest!! I know that is not a lot, but it is more than the 0.0463% I am earning on my credit union savings account or 0.11% from Chase. I am earning 1.0% on our 24 month CD, but that money is not liquid! 

Hope everyone had a great new year and is on their way to a debt free year! Just for new debt!

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