Monday, January 7, 2013

Will Dave Ramsey's Plan Really Work?

I learned something new today. My husband will never do Dave Ramsey, don't get me wrong he does agree with some of Dave's philosophies, but he will never be gazelle intense.  He (DH) told me this morning that he is not going to live a "spartan" life to save a million dollars, then die or have a stroke the day he retires!! Maybe if we had tried to start this plan when we first met in my late 30's and his early 40's I might have been able to change his mind. Today while we are fast approaching my 50th and his 56th birthdays I have to let him be. You see his father suffered a stroke while he was (I believe) in his 50's. It makes sense to me now, even though I foresee a spartan retirement and can't convince my husband of that fact. We also have four different accounts, his, mine, joint and then one for our rentals! Yes it is a lot to keep track of all of them, but he won't have it any other way. We do agree on a joint spending plan each month, but are free to spend our discretionary income how ever we see fit. Other Guru's agree with this arrangement.
Well gotta run for now, Just for today... incur no new debt!

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