January Weekly Spending

Here I am going to track what I spend my “cash” on. See tab with Spending Plan to see all my monthly spending. This will include how I spend  my travel expense money I receive from my job as an auditor.

Week 1 Spending

Jan 1 - $204 on ski jacket.
Jan 2 - $4.95 on coffee, $2.49 @ Wal-Mart, $5 on Jamba Juice (two for one) $15 on gas.
Jan 3 - $5 on coffee.
Jan 4 - $3 on Jamba Juice with coupon.
Jan 5 - $3 on Jamba Juice with coupon, getting ready for my cleanse I told myself.
Jan 6 - $37.80 on gas filled up for the coming week.
Jan 7 – Drove a friend to Starbucks b/c is was so cold and spent $0! Doing my cleanse so I have everything I need for this week!!

Week 2 Spending

Jan 10 - $9.24  on school supplies for my son.
Jan 12 - $2.90 coffee

Being on my cleanse I have no reason to buy much this week.

Week 3 Spending

I was traveling for work and on per Diem, so I did not really keep track of my spending. I did eat out at Olive Garden one night and spent $30 on dinner for myself. That was way too much, then I woke up at 3 am with terrible stomach cramps.!! Lesson learned!

Week 4 Spending

This was my birthday week! LOL I did go around and collect all my free gifts! From Starbucks (free birthday drink or treat) A $2 smoothie from Jamba Juice. I then went to Ulta to get my free eyebrow shaping and ended up spending $40 on some BB cream (moisturizing foundation). At Rubio's  I used my $7.00 coupon towards a meal, had a Burrito for dinner and spent $17 for dinner 4 three! I also had my nails done for $25. I get my hair done every 5-6 weeks, scheduled this on my actual birthday and it is in my monthly budget- $120. Total spending for the week, $204.00. Hey you only have a Birthday once a year!

Week 5 Spending

I am going to see a specialist for my migraines and this will cost $75.

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